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In an effort to meet all of your shipping needs, we offer a wide variety of services

Get a free US address to ship your purchases to when you shopping online. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free consolidation.

Most orders are shipped within 2 to 3 days. After the carrier has picked up your item, it will arrive at our warehouse office in 1 to 3 working days. All shipments are tracked online with ShipSmart.

No Credit/Debit Card? No Problem! Use our card and pay cash. It’s Easy!

Allow us to pick up and deliver your Items to our facility. With our hassle-free service, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the details. We’ll repack your products with care, wrapping them in bubble wrap and placing them in a new box for maximum protection.

Free Consolidation provides you with 7 days of free storage once your order is received at our US warehouse. This allows you to ship numerous things in a single package rather of paying for each one separately. Simply check this box while submitting your invoice.

Shipsmart offers customised full-service brokerage and logistics services, as well as automated rate calculations.

Local Door-to-Door Delivery Coming Soon!

0 - 9 lbs

Flat Rate
$ 8
00 Flat Rate
  • Other Fees:
  • Vat 10%
  • Bahamas Customs Processing 1%:

9lbs - 30lbs

$1.50 per lb
$ 1
50 per lbs
  • Other Fees:
  • Vat 10%
  • Bahamas Customs Processing 1%:

30 + lbs

$1.00 per lb
$ 1
00 per lbs
  • Other Fees:
  • Vat 10%
  • Bahamas Customs Processing 1%:

Shipping Packages Rates

Ship Smart is your one-stop shop for shipping services. We provide package shipment and logistics solutions to a variety of customers across Grand Bahama.

Other Fees:

Prices are subject to change without notice!

US Handling Fee:

Packages 1-10 lbs $5, 11- 75 lbs $8, 75+ lbs $20

Brokerage Fee:

$3 Per Tarrif heading per invoice

Ship Smart lets you ship smarter, faster and cheaper.

Why waste time and money shipping your goods when you can do it smarter, faster and cheaper? Ship Smart is here to help. Our platform helps you find the best shipping option for your shipment – no matter where in the world you need to send it. Start Shipping The Smart Way !

Shipping Quote Calculator

Use our shipping calculator to determine how much you’ll save on shipping costs with us. Enter your shipment, item value, quantity, weight and our tool will do the rest.

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Dimensional weight:

Is measured in inches(Length X width X height ) / 200 Freight is by determined by the greater of actual weight vs dimensional weight.

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